Pretty Darn Funny

Monday, April 30, 2012

Recently while reading the Deseret Book  flyer in the mail.  I saw something that intrigued me.  Songs from "Pretty Darn Funny".  Since I was recently looking at Parody songs, I felt this may be up my alley of things to check out.  To my surprise Deseret Book has released a series of online mommy comedy cast videos producing clean and short entertainment clips.  These clips are all under 10 minutes each and have the feel of a sit com tv show, without all the garbage that they seem to bring.  They are funny and clean and well done.   I will have to say we found this site last week and we were excited to hear they were to release episode three tonight.  Sadly the release has been delayed to next week.  Until then hope you enjoy the first two episodes.

Episode One

Episode Two