No second class citizens, by David S. Baxter

Friday, May 25, 2012

"In the kingdom of God there are no second-class citizens."  This quote by David S. Baxter was given in April 2012 General conference directed to single parents.  It was touching to hear him speak so kind and loving to single parents.  This quote stuck with me, because I remember a time in my teenage years when that is exactly what I thought of myself.  I thought that since I was not born with the gospel of Jesus Christ  and that since I was being raised by a single mother that I was less than those who were born in the gospel and raised with two parent.  The analogy I used to think to myself was in reference to stamps that you mail.   "There are first class stamps  and then there are second class stamp."  Somehow I thought I was the latter one.  It would break my hear to hear someone think that way of themselves, and so now I understand a bit more what Heavenly Father must of felt when he knew I was thinking that.