Learning something new

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recently,  I decided to take a Photoshop class.  As my husband puts it, "it doesn't come naturally for me, like other members of our family."    In deed he is correct (gulp- as it is hard to admit).  It takes me hours to do what others do in a few minutes.   None the less, I am still much better than I was 5 months ago, which then I only open and close the program.  

This is what I did for my final.  I still don't know what I got in the class, but will hopefully find out toward the end of this week. 

I will also show another project I did.  It was the lesson on using brushes.  I was only allowed to use Photoshop brushes on this project.  Each project when it was assigned made be really nervous, but I was finally able to come up with something for each one.  The other assignments are okay.  These are my two favorites, so I thought I would share them.