Win or lose, you are still a winner to me.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Today in a bit I will leave to go to school to watch one of my kids do a final competition of the "Battle of the Books".   The kids choose their own teams of four kids and read the six books.  Each day at lunch recess two teams battle (answer 15 questions from the books).  Once a team losses twice then they are out, until there is only one team left.

My child lost her first  battle  in the beginning and moved down into the "loser" bracket.  Each week they have worked their way back up to the top, by winning each battle.  Apparently,  the first team she lost to was a great team, because yesterday there was only three teams left and that team was one of the three.  The time had come to battle the first team again, and best of all she won.

They started with 17 teams and have had 31 battles.  Now there are only two teams.   One team has only lost once (my child's team) and her best friend's team who has won every battle so far.  If my child's team loses then, they take second.   BUT.... if they win, then they have to battle again, because every team has to have two losses in order to be out.

So who knows....   In reality, it doesn't really matter,  they are all winners and best of all they are all friends.  They have all worked hard and I am proud of my child for putting so much work and effort into this.